Full Metal Panic

Synopsis: A hidden military organization mobilizes crack troops to secretly protect a young Japanese girl in the most dangerous battleground of all: High School. Their operative: a battle hardened veteran named Sagara Sousuke. Can he adapt to this new battlefield, and to the opposite gender? Will he stop bringing firearms on campus?

Resources: AniDB | ANN | MyAnimeList

Status: Ongoing Project | Released Episodes: 05/24

Source: Region A Blu-ray

Video: H.264 (10-bit) at crf 12 / 960×720 / 23.976 FPS

Audio Tracks: Japanese FLAC 2.0 (24-bit) / English Vorbis 5.1 at ~450 kbps (VBR)

Subtitle Tracks: English Styled Subs (R1, heavily edited) / English Styled Subs (for English audio)

Download it HERE

6 comments on “Full Metal Panic

  1. I guess I agree with Heiki-kun using flac audio.

    Moreover, if the source of the bluray have lossless audio formats such as True HD or DTS-HD Master Audio.

    Thank you for the release of “FMP” with 10bit format.

  2. doki is right, it just depends on your source.
    If you are encoding from a DVD, then I agree that you’re better off keeping the original AC3. But if it’s Blu-ray source, I can’t see why one would encode the audio to AC3, since it’s not really a great codec compression-wise.

  3. Good encode, better than DHD’s at least.

    Also one question, I’m not expert at encoding, but isn’t CRF 12 a bit overkill for such old series?

    • Thanks!
      I know some will say there’s no need for crf 12, but I really wanted to a great encode since I absolutely love this series. Also, it doesn’t take much disk space if you do it right, so I guess no one will complain.

      • Yeah the size is quite small for that setting (not to mention dual-audio with FLAC 24-bit) and that’s a good thing. Glad FMP is in good hands. Keep up the good work 🙂

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